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Meet Some of our Fitness Coaches

Passion and commitment are number-one-characteristics of Energetic Juniors fitness coaches. EJ coaches are highly educated and will help your kids get the most out of each session. Many of our fitness coaches have been with us for years and specialize in working with children. You will find only the most passionate, friendly, and experienced coaches in our sessions. They will motivate your child to have fun and get results.

  • Passion for fitness
  • Love working with children and teens
  • Youth Fitness certification or education
  • Responsive to needs and interests
  • Great energy and encouraging spirit
  • Dedicated to your child’s success
  • Creative and innovative approach to fitness
  • Diverse backgrounds and specialties

  • Katrina Phillip

    ZUMBA, Cardio/toning, kickboxing

    Katrina combines her love for dance and fitness training to help her clients celebrate health and physicality. Her philosophy when working with children is to have them enjoy and embrace each physical fitness challenge she gives them so they can celebrate their strength and be proud of what they accomplish. Katrina has a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University and is certified through AFAA, NETA, and IFTA for personal fitness training and for group exercise instruction. She also holds a ZUMBA license and a Spin certification. Katrina currently teaches Kickboxing, ZUMBA, Step, Urban Rebounding, and Cardio & Toning classes at numerous gyms and studios. Her clients range from age 3 to 91 years old, and she has been with us since 2004. Katrina continues her education in working with special needs children through Autism Fitness training and workshops.

  • Michelle Brooke

    Dance Cardio, Yogalates, Weight Training

    Using positive reinforcement and her infectious vibe, Michelle creates customized, result-driven workout routines that combine a wide range of fitness methods. She takes great pride in helping her clients discover their strengths, set obtainable goals, and always have fun while doing it. She believes that self-esteem, confidence, and physical well-being are the best tools to help your child while he or she is learning, forming friendships, and developing character. Michelle is an Ace Group Fitness Instructor with certifications in HIIT, Yogalates, aerial yoga, TRX, bands, weight training, boot camp, and dance cardio. She also coaches dance at all levels: styles include ballet, modern, hip hop, contemporary and jazz. As a dancer/choreographer and personal trainer, Michelle has been fortunate to tour the world and work with a variety of artists and productions. She has appeared in numerous TV award shows, music videos, and movies. When Michelle is not home working with local clients, she travels throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America, teaching dance and fitness master classes.

  • Mario Guerrero

    Youth Fitness Specialist

    My name is Mario Guerrero, and I’m originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have been living in New York for the past 9 years.

    I have earned my bachelors of science in kinesiology and movement science, and I have also become a Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1.

    I started working with children as a teenager, and have been part of summer camps in New York that worked with children from 10 to 14 years of age. I have also done volunteer work in little league teams from churches in Brooklyn and Queens.

    My latest non-profit work was in Harlem in an after school program that worked with middle school kids (6-7- and 8th grade)

    I have also done personal training for adults at different companies since I was 19, and I'm still heavily involved with this type of work.

    My work with Energetic Juniors has helped me evolve as a youth trainer and it has provided me with a vast amount of experience that will help me advance. I'm looking forward to continuing my education and growth as a professional with Energetic Juniors.

  • Colleen K.

    NASM-CPT, Youth Exercise Specialist

    While attending school for business at Fordham University and working in advertising for a sports television network, exercise was always Colleen’s outlet.  Colleen found that setting goals and achieving them inside the gym translated to her life outside of it.  After three years of working in a corporate environment, Colleen decided to leave her job to pursue a career within the fitness industry.  Colleen has been working for the past two years in management for a small boutique studio that specializes in high intensity training.  She obtained her personal training certification through NASM and thoroughly enjoys helping clients set and accomplish their fitness goals.  She loves helping others reap the benefits of fitness!

    Colleen has always had a passion for working with children.  As a teenager, she began working as a camp counselor and continues to work with children by babysitting for multiple families in Manhattan.  Colleen enjoys combining two of her passions, fitness and children, as a trainer at Energetic Juniors!  She believes that fitness is not only a great tool in creating physical changes, but also (and more importantly) it is a tool towards improved confidence, self-esteem, and outlook.  

    Colleen has earned her Youth Exercise Specialist certification through NASM.  She can’t wait to help her youth clients reap the positive benefits of fitness!

  • Meredith Therrien

    Dance, Yoga, Ace Certified Youth Personal Trainer

    When it comes to working with children and teens, Meredith believes in fostering a positive, safe environment in which the kids can build their self confidence, reach their goals, and most importantly, have fun. She recognizes that kids, just like adults, are all beautifully unique and finds it crucial to personally tailor each and every workout to match the vivid, individual spunk of the client. She finds children and teens to be inspiring, and is passionate about helping them to discover their full potential. Meredith has had several years of experience developing and teaching dance, fitness, yoga, and gym classes to kids of all ages. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and graduate of the dance theater program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In addition, she has education and experience in multiple dance styles, yoga for kids, CardioTap NYC, HIIT, and dance cardio.

    Meredith is a Youth Fitness Certified trainer.

  • John Snow


    John Snow is a boxing trainer/personal development coach with over 20 years experience. Born and raised in Brooklyn, John's life changed when he gathered the courage to climb the stairs of the famed Gramercy Gym near Union Square. It was there that he began the never-ending journey called boxing. Through the various stages and challenges of life, he realized that the one thing that helped frame his success was what he learned about himself while boxing.

    Unfortunately, most people boxing today miss the most important component of the sport—that is ,the mental training required to win and the relationship between fighter and trainer. It is this training that is so valuable to children and teens. Regardless of their athletic ability, boxing, when taught properly, will develop a strong sense of self confidence, discipline, and self reliance that children will be able to utilize both in school and everyday life.

    John is a graduate of Fordham University as well as a CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is most proud of his role as a father to his 13 year-old son.

  • Barton S. David

    Strength and Cardiovascular Training /Postural Training, Cooper Aerobics Institute, ACE

    As a personal trainer for over ten years, Barton's passion lies not only in improving his clients' fitness, but their confidence, sense of wellness, and instilling an overall fun and positive approach to exercise. A fifth generation Texan, he holds a degree in Government from the University of Texas, and hails from Dallas,where he received his fitness certification at the world renowned Cooper Aerobics Institute as well as ACE.
    Also a professional musician, Barton loves tapping into a child's creativity and passion to bridge the gap between their fitness and self expression, and has been privileged to work with clients of widely varying ages, dispositions and backgrounds.

  • Dee Cocoros

    Pilates, Martial Arts, Certified Personal Trainer

    With 20 years experience in strength movement and vitality, Dee believes transforms exercise into playtime for kids and teens. She believes that openness and joy is what makes kids blossom and allows their natural intelligence and power to shine.

    Dee has certifications, education and experience in Pilates, Personal Training, Martial Arts, Biomechanics , Physiology and Neuro-anatomy. Dee also has experience with holistic and eastern philosophies, which she often integrates into her training.

    Dee has been with Energetic Juniors for 15 years.

  • Paytra Gessler

    Strength Training, Circuit Training, Cardiovascular Health, ISSA Youth Fitness Certified

    Paytra brings a unique and young energy to exercise and health. She has been two-times certified by the International Sports and Science Association. Her passion for fitness and continuing education on new ideas/workouts makes for a challenging and ever-changing workout program.

    Her philosophy working with kids is that exercise should be an enjoyable experience that caters to the needs, goals, and desires of each child. She loves to instill confidence and a life-changing attitude about the healthy lifestyle.

    Paytra is also a professional singer/musician, and she uses her musicality to foster the creative side of the kids. She's adventurous, passionate, and full of joy; and she feels honored to be able to share her love for health with clients of any age.

  • Nick Lee

    Track, Certified ACE Personal Trainer

    Before moving to New York from Iowa, Nick worked as a full time behavior counselor and head coach, leading the middle school and high school teams in track and cross-country. Nick worked with children and adolescents in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, in the area’s top hospital sports performance center. He has spent the past 3 years in New York City doing personal training and leading exercise classes in homes, outdoor areas, and corporate settings.

    Nick is certified with ACE, AFAA, and holds a Bachelor in Fitness Management.

    Nick always looks forward to his training sessions, having a fun time, and helping clients to achieve healthy lifestyles.

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