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15 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Day June 1, 2017

We found some great tips and rules of thumb that will help you adopt a more active lifestyle. Sometimes you don’t have to change hardly anything about your day to get in some great exercise. These 15 ways to fit …

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Pre-Camp Program May 28, 2017

As after-school activities wind down and camp is on the horizon, we at Energetic Juniors are ready to help your children thrive. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of EJ’s Pre-Camp program.   Book some sessions with us …

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The Family Fit Obstacle Course May 22, 2017

A great way to get in a fun workout for you and your children is by creating an obstacle course. You will need some stations. Let the kids help with this. Children often come up with a very creative approach. …

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Fudge for Your Child ? Yup! May 17, 2017

Fat seems to be trending recently, so it has been on my mind a lot. Most of my clients feel better and get less sugar cravings and mood swings, when they start incorporating more fat into their diets. Most snacks …

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Spring Cleaning your Child’s Health May 8, 2017

Spring Cleaning your Child’s Health We usually think of spring cleaning to get rid of clutter that’s accumulated over the long, dreary winter, but this is a great time to spruce up your family’s health habits as well. Here are …

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