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Spring Cleaning your Child’s Health May 8, 2017

Spring Cleaning your Child’s Health We usually think of spring cleaning to get rid of clutter that’s accumulated over the long, dreary winter, but this is a great time to spruce up your family’s health habits as well. Here are …

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Is Boxing Dangerous for my Child? April 24, 2017

  The question that I most often get from parents is “Will my child get hurt if they box”? Their concern is perfectly understandable since most people’s perception of “Boxing” is that it is just another word for “Fighting”. Nothing …

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How Training and Creativity Go Hand-in-Hand April 21, 2017

It takes a creative brain to figure out what makes a child excited during a one-on-one training session.  One of our trainers explains here the ingenious ways she was able to engage a child in this report.     Client …

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Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child March 30, 2017

Why is it that some children take to organized sports like fish to water and others don’t? The answer may surprise you…   The Misconception Many people assume that because their child is not good at organized sports, they are not …

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Conquering the After School Snack Attack! March 22, 2017

Soothing after school hunger can be difficult for kid and parents alike! Kids often leave school ravenous, after a less than filling school lunch, and parents are often at a loss for snacks to fill these hungry bellies. The good …

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