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Engage in simple sports games, and engineer the outcome so your child can win most of the time.  Children also need to understand that they can’t always win whatever game they are playing. Soccer would be a great game to do …

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The Facts on Stretching for Children October 8, 2016

Stretching can be confusing. Parents often wonder how their kids should be stretching and when they should be doing it. Here is some fundamental information on stretching. *An important rule of thumb is to never stretch a cold muscle. Always …

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Easy Make Ahead Breakfast Frittatas For Your Family September 25, 2016

Mornings can be very hectic, the stress of getting yourself and your family ready on time can make breakfast seem like a large obstacle. I like this easy, simple, make ahead and easily adjustable to what you have in the …

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Fall Training Offer September 21, 2016

Fall Training Offer for Two! With a Youth Fitness Specialist from Energetic Juniors Right now, we are offering a special deal for fall: a 4-session program where your child can train with a friend or sibling for the same price …

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Your Own Child’s Physical and Mental Development September 19, 2016

  3-5 Year Olds Skillful at walking, climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching, and galloping Able to throw, catch, kick, and bounce balls Can engage in long periods of active play and exercise   6-8 Year Olds Emphasize teaching and encouragement …

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