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A Brief Guideline to Physical Activity for Youths September 15, 2016

  We all know that exercise for our kids is important. The difficult thing to understand is how much exercise they need and what kind of exercise they need. Major research findings show that regular exercise reduces the risk of …

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5 Strategies For Getting Your Child Moving September 8, 2016

New York City’s Leading In-Home Child and Teen Personal Training Organization Reveals The 5 Essential Strategies For Getting Your Child Moving   These strategies, though simple, can prove extremely rewarding when introduced into your child’s lifestyle. It is the first step to helping …

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Why Doesn’t My Child Sweat? August 11, 2016

It is a common misunderstanding that just because a child isn’t sweating and breathing hard doesn’t mean they’re not working hard. Developmentally they have different respiratory systems than adults. Parents often wonder about the lack of sweat and the out of …

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How Can I Help My Teen To Relieve Stress? August 8, 2016

Teens have stress that is no surprise. How can i help to relieve stress? It is even less surprising that being a teen is only becoming more and more stressful. With that said there are things that teens and their …

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