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Ask a Trainer: Getting Gamers to Move January 2, 2018

My son could literally play video games from morning to night if allowed. How can I inspire a non-athletic pre-teen to get up and move. Also, how often should he get up?   It’s very common for pre-teens to be …

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Don’t Sweat It—Why Sweating is a Fitness Myth for Kids December 9, 2017

Some parents ask me to push their kids further so they sweat and “get a good workout”. Unfortunately, this exercise-to-exhaustion myth hasn’t gone the way of weight-lifting belts and “no pain, no gain’. Sweating is a fitness myth for kids.   Common Misconceptions One …

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Good Food vs. Bad November 21, 2017

The danger of categorizing food this way to our children/teens.   Labeling specific foods as “good” or “healthy”, versus “bad” or “unhealthy” does not provide our children with the right message, and does not prepare them for a life of sustainable, …

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Banana Berry Oatmeal Cups November 3, 2017

Studies show that kids who eat breakfast are more alert during the day and perform better in school. Breakfast jumpstarts children’s days, giving their bodies fuel to maintain their energy throughout the morning. With early mornings though, it can be …

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