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Why Movement Matters October 28, 2013

By Andrew Klein, Pediatric Occupational Therapist The benefits of exercise are well known and often discussed in our society.  Terms such as “cardio” and “endorphins” are very much a part of the English lexicon.  Less discussed are the great benefits …

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Get Up! Fitness Game of the Month October 26, 2013

Have your child play this simple game.  It requires no equipment, little space and is most of all fun. What it’s working:  Gross motor skills, balance, core strength Goal of the game:  Your child will see how many different ways …

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Prevent The First Diet! By Dr. Doris Pastore September 12, 2013

This month we are so lucky to have a very important submission from a friend of Energetic Juniors, Dr. Doris Pastore.  Dr. Pastore is in private practice at  Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine in NYC and is currently on the voluntary faculty and attending staff of …

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Object Run Fitness Game of the Month September 8, 2013

Object Run Fitness Game of the Month   With the weather still warm, there is still time to get outside and play!  Object Run is a simple game that requires no equipment.   It is best played in a park, …

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